Basic Overall Technical Diagram:

basic diagram2


  1. D.V.

    My question is how would balance the value of the currency between small and large nations? would there be mathematics to account for population density?

    1. admin

      Just like larger (first world) nations have greater GDP’s and smaller nations have smaller GDP’s a similar ratio would likely pan out in terms of production in solar energy generation. The value of the currency is relative to the value of kWh of energy produced so its more concrete and less speculative in terms of interpreting value. Number of arrays would likely be based on relative population but a country could overshoot their relative demand to produce extra economic value. IE a country of 10 people would need ~ 10 Solar arrays a country of 100 people would need ~ 100 solar arrays (arbitrary numbers) – but both could purchase more than their populations required to either provide more energy per capita or to provide more excess energy to trade with.

      Exchange between nations:
      Trading between nations would function in a net metering type system (country ‘a’ and ‘b’). Say coutnry ‘b’ has energy intensive economic projects; country ‘a’ could trade their excess power to country ‘b’ (say 10 units) for rights future rights to 10.5 units of energy from country ‘b’.

      This helps distribute energy demand economically and provides incentives for countries to lend and borrow power.


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